Back Office Support

Effectively managing back office support is essential for meaningful customer experience. It can have an impact on their service levels and hence overall customer experience.

Our Back Office Support Team

At Renesent, our team helps to improve your operations with the help of research and analysis from the needs of customers and services being provided. With quality control, we consistently outperform internal and global teams

Application verification

Content moderation

Fraud prevention

Photo retouching

Processing claims

Data Management for Enterprises.

Content Moderation

We acknowledge the vital role content moderation plays in securing a brand. At Renesent we have the units in place to do so effectively. Our units work on more than 73 million + content a month

Our perks

Data entry

Content and script writing


Ecommerce tagging

Data Entry

We can help growing businesses with Data Entry. We assist a client’s data entry tasks with our sedulous attention to aspects and efficient systems.

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