Never waste a marketing lead again

Renesent engages with cold leads that are present in your Renesent CRM which haven’t been approached yet. It operates in the background and provides about 30% to 250% increase in the qualified meetings booked for your sales teams.

Are your marketing-generated leads disappearing into a black hole?

You’ve generated dozens of leads from the marketing campaign. But sales does not carry the capacity to follow up with every lead, that le up to losing opportunities and leads falling through the cracks. Renesent manages to close the sales-marketing gap by intelligently distinguishing qualified leads from tire-kickers.

AI Support 2
AI Support

Renesent helps you qualify your leads at scale

We deploy AI sales assistants that hold natural, human-like, back and forth email conversations with every lead.

Our AI follows up tirelessly, engages and qualifies leads through two-way conversations, and includes handling requests for information and referrals.

When a lead is qualified and is interested in a sales conversation, your AI hands them over to your sales team.

How Renesent fits into your workflow

1. Reach out to the leads in your Renesent CRM

Renesent operates as a stand-alone platform, but it works best integrated with Renesent. The AI assistant that is assigned to you will automatically reach out to the leads based on specific rules that has been set by you e.g. “leads not touched by sales in the last six months.”


2. Back-and-forth email conversations at scale

Your AI sales assistant initiates back-and-forth email conversations with your leads. It reads every reply, gets and also interprets the lead’s buying intentions (not interested, speak to my other colleague, not this quarter, etc.). It replies based on the data collected, in a natural, human-like way.


3. Collect customer data from email conversations

Your AI sales assistant extort all the valuable customer data (phone numbers, net-new leads, rejection reasons etc.) from the dialogue it has with your leads. It syncs up with the new data back to your Renesent CRM, so that your CRM is always updated.


4. Hand over qualified leads to sales

When a lead shows interest in buying, Your AI sales assistant will transfer them over to a human salesperson, via email cc. The human salesperson will take over the conversation from there on.

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