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Founded in 2012, Renesent Inc is the world’s top accelerator with locations in Los Angeles, Tel-Aviv, Mumbai, and Lima Peru. Renesent Inc has invested in various industries, launching multiple companies with revenues in millions of dollars, as well as six successful exits. Renesent has been disrupting markets through introduction of dynamic business models, with a history of developing strong partnerships around the world with innovative companies of all sizes.


Formed mid 2018
● Headquartered in Riverside County- Beaumont, California USA
● Hundreds of nationwide clientele
● Dozens of industries
● Named Inc. magazine’s 5000 fastest growing companies of 2018
● Mentioned in number of business publications


With popularity and reliance of consumers on platforms such as Yelp, Google, FB, businesses are forced to participate in advertising, quoting, even getting orders with no solution to simplify, manage and streamline the complete online presence under one portal.


● A business's star rating is shown to be #1 factor in choosing a business
● 1-star increase on your review sites can lead to 5-9% increase in your revenue, and a
negative review can cost you 30 customers.
● 48% of consumers do not want to choose a business that's under 4 stars!
● 92% of consumers now read online reviews
● Revenues have been shown to increase when a business is rated at 4.4 and above
● Increasing reviews improves SEO to drive more leads
● Using reviews on your website increases your conversion rate
● Responding to online feedback builds trust with prospects and customers


● Businesses worldwide throw away leads and business that they cannot support or
perform due to over-bookings, Untargeted marketing (not the exact product or service
that consumer needs) for example moving companies turn away small jobs due to high
minimums and lose tremendous cash flow
● Various industries such as fashion manufacturers, construction and real-estate
developers to name a few have left over products or material that cannot be sold or
delivered. Companies get stuck with overstock, unsold merchandise for partnering with
slow and inexperience local fulfillment partner
● Companies lose leads and bookings due to visibility and overwhelming number of
growing online platforms with no where to engage users and manage orders and
estimate requests


● Administrative costs are rising as minimum wage for clerical work will surpass $15/hr
USD in many states across the US and in western europe
● IT support and quality online product development can get really expensive for small
business and talent is hard to find for SMBs in general


Renesent platform is a combination of technology and an extended workforce to provide complete online presence management under a single dashboard. With Renesent a business can automate their trade of goods, services and locations for added cash flows as well as simplify and reduce their operational costs of administration, sales, marketing, support, reporting and analytics.


● Companies can use capital for nourishing main talent for more productivity and growth
● Keep administrative and clerical cost down by 60%
● Business online presence will be automated streamlining complete marketing,
reputation, sales, and support more efficiently


Renesent provides a platform for businesses to connect and trade service and products that they cannot perform or sell allowing them to earn more revenue and grow their bottom line

● No left over material
● No leads or business turned down or away
● Companies don't need to put items on sale- lose revenue, and brand image
● Renesent sales product and service for any industry while marketing company on search
● Renesent provides fulfillment (warehousing) solutions and companies don't need to keep
unsold goods in their facility- focus on actual product and service that makes money
● Platform provides API connectivity with all social media, analytics, SEO tracking, orders,
consumer sites, as well as user communication channels, namely email, phone, text,
chat to streamline complete online presence


Our affiliate and partner program aimed at marketing companies and independent contractor, work from home crowd gig workers who make 10%-20% on managing to new prospects


Every Renesent sales rep, or employee uses their own equipment such as a laptop and a smartphone. Renesent technology and app CRM allows our workforce to manage all marketing, sales, and support from one single dashboard.


Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement



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