Online Review Monitoring

Take control of your online reviews.

Importance of Review Monitoring

Review monitoring is monitoring what customers are saying about your business on review sites such as TripAdvisor, social media like Facebook, and industry-specific sites like Zocdoc.

Review monitoring can enable you to proactively engage with your customers. Being proactive with your online reviews should be a best practice for businesses of all sizes because:

  • Responding to a good review encourages customer loyalty while giving you insights into how you can improve your business.
  • Responding to and attending to the grievances mentioned in a bad review (in a timely manner) encourages customer loyalty and nips the problem in the bud—before it escalates into something worse.
  1. Responding to a good review makes your customers feel acknowledged, building loyalty.
  2. Consumers researching your business (and your competitors’) online trust customer reviews more than they trust you. Why not use your customers to do your marketing for you by using your reviews to promote your business on your website, social media and beyond?
  3. Listening to what your customers are saying about you helps you build valuable insights so you that you can give your customers more of what they want and less of what they don’t. In other words, your customer reviews provide the data that can help you to decide on what products and services to:
    • Reduce, since they are not valuable to your customer, saving you resources that can be spent on what is important to your customer and what you do well
    • Raise, or get even better at what you do really well
    • Create, because offering brand new services that are important to your customers can disrupt your competition
  4. The service recovery paradox. What now? The service recovery paradox occurs when a customer who has a grievance with a business thinks more highly of that business after that business has addressed the grievance. And that formerly unhappy customer is even more loyal and happy than a customer who has no issues with the business. How can this paradox (along with review monitoring) make you money? If you get a bad review, respond to your customer ASAP. Address his concern and tada! You have a loyal customer. And the way you respond to bad reviews makes a huge impact on how potential customers see you when they are researching businesses online.

Monitoring your reviews on the big sites like Google, Facebook, and Yellow Pages is a great first step. Next, tackle those industry-specific sites. 

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3. Make sure you have your preferred language and email address correct.

4. Make sure you select the “Customer reviews” box is checked.

Congrats! You will now get alerted whenever a new Google review of your business is written. Do note that this alert is for Google reviews only, not all reviews across all sites. But you can take similar steps outlined above for your Facebook reviews through your Facebook Business page.

  1.  review monitoring tool like Renesent puts all your reviews from 250+ sites into one place. You can monitor and manage all these reviews, from Avvo to Zocdoc, on one comprehensive dashboard.

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