Online Review Monitoring

Use Online Review Monitoring To Raise Your Score On Review Platforms

Importance of Online Review Monitoring

Online review monitoring helps in raising your overall review score on platforms like Google, Facebook, Yelp, TripAdvisor, and ZocDoc. Broadly speaking, the process works on two levels. First, it raises customer engagement by responding to each review, positive, neutral, or negative. Second, it automatically deletes fake negative reviews, thereby raising your overall score.
Our online review monitoring service uses responses customized to each type of review. Besides, our proprietory software Algorip, automatically deletes fake negative reviews across over 250+ review and social platforms.

According to a Siegel Research Center study, over 95% of customers use online reviews while making purchase decisions. No matter the size of your business, they (prospects, clients, and customers) are talking about you. Besides talking among themselves, they are also voicing their opinions on your website, on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, as well as review platforms like Yelp and Google. 

Build Search Engine Credibility, and Customer Engagement by Responding to Reviews

With each review, your customer is talking to you and telling you something. Ignoring reviews is just as rude as ignoring someone talking to you in real life. Also, responding to reviews builds your visibility in search engines. Therefore, while responding to each review is critical, how you respond is even more critical.

  1. Responding to Positive Reviews: Engaging with customers who are enthusiastic about your business creates a strong referral network. This network helps in building your bottom line by attracting new customers while retaining existing ones. While responding to positive reviews, look at establishing a personal connection. In other words, address the customer by name, express gratitude, while mirroring the positive details they shared.
  2. Responding to Neutral Reviews: Neutral reviews are like skating on thin ice. One more star and you’re in positive territory, while one less star means a negative review. So how do you respond to 3-star reviews? By keeping it simple. Thank the user for the review, repeat the positive aspects while apologizing and explaining the negative aspects. Finally, request them to try your product or service one more time.
  3. Responding to Negative Reviews: Over 70% of users who post negative reviews will purchase from you again if you fix their issues. Follow these guidelines while addressing negative reviews. 

Respond with a calm mind.
Conduct an internal audit to check what happened.
Apologize and remind the user that their issue is an exception and not a rule at your business.
Offer a coupon or discount for their next purchase
Up to 2% of negative reviews help your credibility as 100% 5-star ratings seem fake to the customer.

Delete Fake Negative Reviews With Renesent Algorip

While everyone has a right to express their opinion, some boundaries cannot be crossed. These include the use of defamatory language, false information, and reviews aimed at damaging the companies image. Most reviews that breach these boundaries are fake and posted by disgruntled customers, ex-employees, and unethical competitors. Algorip is Renesent’s proprietory software that deletes these negative reviews from over 250+ websites, social media, and review platforms.

Monitoring your reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Yellow Pages is a great first step.For the next step, move on to industry-specific sites.

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3. Make sure you have your preferred language and email address correct.

4. Make sure you select the “Customer reviews” box is checked.

Congrats! You will now get alerted whenever a new Google review of your business is written. Do note that this alert is for Google reviews only, not all reviews across all sites. But you can take similar steps outlined above for your Facebook reviews through your Facebook Business page.

  1.  review monitoring tool like Renesent puts all your reviews from 250+ sites into one place. You can monitor and manage all these reviews, from Avvo to Zocdoc, on one comprehensive dashboard. 
  2. Over 5,000 businesses trust and use the Renesent Online Review Management tools. Contact us and discover why Renesent is considered the Top-Rated, Trusted, and Most Affordable solution for online review management. 

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