Online Presence Management

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is based around one simple question:

What is local online presence?

A business’ online presence includes of all the places online where any information about that particular business exists. These includes directory listings, review sites, social media pages, business websites, store pages. It is essential that a local listing consists of your name, phone number, and address–commonly referred to as NAP data. Some of the other helpful data consists of enhanced content like products and services, hours of operation, menus, and photos.

What is local online presence management?

Local online presence management is the process of that helps customers to find correct information about your business online, and ensuring that the information is consistent and updated across all channels and business directories. Also keeping the listing easily discoverable, and communicated clearly to customers wherever they are searching for it.


How does online presence management affect my business?

The consistency and accuracy of a business’s listings across all these channels makes a huge impact for their ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs): Google search ranking prefers local listings presence as an important factor for google search rankings Most of the business owners dont know if they are listed on any local listing, and this could be harmful if the local listing has a bad review that could lead to lower ranking on google.

Nowadays, Online search is where the customers journey starts: 85% of consumers have been searching for a business online at least once over the past year. Without regular listings, it would be tough for a business to appear in relevant search results at all– customers will not be able to locate the business or contact it. By managing its online presence, a business can overtake their online competition and convert online searchers into new customers.

Benefits of an online presence management solution

Keeping all listings updated and consistent for one business is challenging enough, but trying to manually manage online presence for multi-location businesses is more difficult and virtually impossible. A scalable online presence strategy requires one comprehensive integrated platform with automation for critical, repeatable functions. This minimizes human error, saves time, and ensures constant, real-time fixes.

Renesent and online presence management

Renesent keeps your company’s listings for each location up-to-date and consistent across 50+ global partners, including Google, Bing, Facebook, and Yahoo , and automatically syncs any changes that have been made on all sites – all you have to do is update the information on your dashboard.

Renesent creates a custom business profile for all the locations that shows your customer reviews from across different platforms and updated business information–optimized for SEO so prospects find it on page 1 of search results.

Get a clear picture of your business’ online presence management needs with Renesent’s free Scan Your Business tool. A scan gives you an overview of your online reputation across hundreds of sites: see your listings, reviews, ratings across 100+ sites, and how you stack up to competitors.