PRICING FREE $300 - $600 $1,500 $2500 PER AGENT
Customized online store
Unlimited products posts
Weekly payouts
iOS/Android application
Discount codes
Third party calculated shipping rates
Customer segmentation
Get discovered by customers
Lead generation and capture
Trade in multiple industries
Partner w/ vetted business
Accept secured payment
Receive & respond to inquiries
Data, reporting and analytics
Onboarding assistance
Access Renesent's exclusive nationwide independent drivers
iOS/Android on-demand fullfilment
Pay per load/vehicle size
Real-time pickup and delivery tracking
Manage and track reports 24/7 straight to your computer
Order fullfilment
Monthly storage $0.75/cf Or $40 per pallet $10 per shelf, $5 per bin
Receiving inventory $1/CF
Earn commissions per transaction
25% revenue share per transaction
Business verification support
Certified Renesent partner
Buyer & seller verification
B2B industry insights & insider access
Payment verification & 100% return policy
Website customization & personalization
Customizable workflow
50+ landing page layouts
100+ email layouts
100 + Social media post templates
Social media outreach
Organic marketing automation
Customized dashboard providing real time analytics
5 Star Review generation customer survey BOT.
Citation & profile optimization.
Business address
Personal mail pickup & alerts
Mail & parcel handling
Nationwide secured warehouse
Auto-negative review parking & suppression technology.
24-48 hour express webdesign
AI-powered social media content
24/7 content posting & promotions
High quality backlink generation
Directory listings
AI copywriting
Content analysis
Content plagiarism check
Convertible email subject lines
Native CRM integration (SFDC & MSD)
Custom CRM workflow
Meta Ads mastery
Google ads mastery
Campaign insights & analytics
Trending hashtag research
State of the art ad headlines
Keyword Trend Analysis & Showcase
Highly converting SEO blogs
Customizable content
Account performance reporting
Lead scoring & routing management
Marketing planner
Live agent support
Customer handling & management
Email, Text, Chat Engagement
Seamless integration with External Applications, CRM, and Portals
Actionable integrations
Omnichannel support
Sentiment analysis
Personalized customer responses
Customer satisfactory results
Ticket priortization
Ticket resolver
Simple Research Tasks And Reporting
Lead Enrichment & Capturing
Lead Scheduling & Appointment Setting
Lead Routing & Agent Workflow
Daily Benchmarking and Reporting
Real-time support
Performance consultation
Complete financial reporting
Human resource management
Sales analytics
Sales forecasting
Oppurtunity management
Professional service automation
Productivity management
File Backup & sync
RFQ responses
Deal Tracking
Real time tracking & reporting
Device & inventory management
Network & server management
Application & cloud management
Employee on/off boarding
Procurement & provisioning