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Media & Entertainment

Our customers take the stage

Your content should line up to your customer service expectations. Renesent delivers more selections of content for media and entertainment to small businesses and enterprises around the world. Elevating companies and name brands providing customers faster and more personable experience.

Renesent is a media and entertainment powerhouse

Your customers are the center of the attention with communications across all social channels. Renesent simplifies businesses echo systems and creating communities for synchronizing data with consumers for seamless engagement in an advanced single dashboard management. Through customized APIs, enhanced marketplace companies can scale operations and increase productivity. Automate billing, operations, marketing, support and sales to manage and track your audience and provide a personalized back-office support.

Multiple channel selection

With world’s most advanced artificial intelligence that provides instant communications across all media channels including social, chats, email, and text support that interacts with customers for a simplified experience.


All-in-one solution with Zendesk 

Take control

Get real-time reporting with proactive dashboard right to your phone. Track customer behavior as well as customer success with data analytics that will make your business run smoothly and faster than ever! 


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Customers reviews

What our customer say?

“Renesent allows our agents to be more productive while back-office administration as well as our marketing and appointments setting is done quicker and more efficient. Our in-house staff is lean, and our time goes more managing more important thing in our business making better products for our clients.”
Christopher Slotkin
Senior VP of Operations at Pioneer
“Time is of the essence when we are launching a product for a new season and utilization of or resources is challenging when deadlines have to be met. Renesent allows us the flexibility of managing the small tasks which can take a lot of time and effort where we can use our talent for the bigger picture”.
Brandon Kollani
Smash Fashion

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