Marketing automation software

We are Renesent, the B2B Business automation solution.
Link your marketing to sales for boosting leads. Keep them engaged and connect with them at the right time to close them. Sell and bill both on the same platform.

Blow-up your lead Generation

Fill your channels with the best leads using powerful email marketing, custom landing pages, smarter lead capture forms all managed through a centralized business dashboard.

Create personalized touchpoints.

Make every interaction relevant and personalized with intelligent lead sustenance, use dynamic content to deliver targeted messaging based on engagement.

Manage your CRM data easily

Bring the full power of the Renesent database to your inbox. Instantly update your CRM with sales data from your inbox or call logs automatically. Add deals right from your inbox, and dive into Renesent with just one click.
Connect with the right leads.
Prioritize the best leads with scoring and grading, use detailed prospect activity and real-time alerts to reach out at the right time, and keep developing non-sales-ready leads with approved marketing templates.
Know your Marketing ROI.
Measure and optimize campaign performance with closed-loop reporting. Create custom das