Manufacturing Cloud

Deliver transparency and predictability across your ecosystem with Manufacturing Cloud. Align sales and operations, unify account planning and forecasts, and deliver greater transparency with a tailor-made CRM for manufacturers.


It’s easy to collaborate and manage relationships when you have an accurate, single source of truth. Sales agreements surface data housed in ERP or order management systems, while combining the terms negotiated with your customer. You can view planned volumes and revenues next to actuals and even define your own custom, time-phased metrics for a complete view of the customer relationship.

Surface insights across your entire business.

With Account-Based Forecasting, you get a complete picture of both your run-rate and net-new business. Your sales, operations, and product teams can collaborate on a central platform to develop more accurate revenue and volume forecasts that combine sales agreements and opportunities.

Leverage the power
complete CRM designed for manufacturing

Give your account teams a complete 360-degree view of every customer. Your teams will gain real-time visibility into key sales and service activity, along with collaboration tools, workflows, and AI-driven insights, so they can more actively manage the health of every account.


Create more accurate forecasts with a unified view.

With a unified forecast, your planning, sales, finance, and operations teams can collaborate in real time to develop faster, more accurate forecasts across new opportunities and run-rate business sales agreements. And because no two businesses are alike, you can also easily define a forecast algorithm, based on the metrics and inputs that reflect your business with Formula Builder.


Accelerate planning with transparent, digital collaboration.

By incorporating Community Cloud, you can extend the real-time visibility and collaboration tools in Manufacturing Cloud to your customers and channel partners. So you can reduce latency in the planning process and improve the overall accuracy of your forecasts.


Ensure a real-time, accurate view of account activity.

The ERP connectors and templates in the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform make it easy to capture order information from your ERP or order management systems. You can reduce integration complexity while unifying your back office.

The Complete CRM For Manufacturing

Extend the value of Sales & Service Cloud for a unified view customer activity.

Drive predictable business growth by proactively managing your customer relationships. With real-time visibility into the sales process, key account activity, and service issues, your teams are better equipped to respond to changing customer dynamics.

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