Search engines are today's Yellow Pages, and online business listings management keeps your company's name, address, and phone number (NAP), updated simultaneously across 200+ online directories, websites, and customer-facing platforms.

Put your business on the map and increase your visibility

Renesent keeps your online business listings (NAP) updated for all your company’s locations. Thus your business listings for all your locations stay current and updated across 50+ global platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo. The more platforms you list on, the higher your density of online business listings, and because of the higher density, your customers get a higher visibility to your business. 

Keep your listings consistent

Renesent software updates every change in your listings (NAP) across 50+ global platforms. Thus increasing the visibility of your business and keeping all your listings updated and consistent.

Boost your SEO with dynamic content

Renesent makes it easy to add dynamic content like images, videos, and website links to your business listings. This makes your listings more attractive to potential customers. Furthermore, these changes can be made directly from your dashboard, thus making the process simple and easy. Besides this, our software allows you to index all your great reviews across all search engines. Allow Renesent to manage your listings and convert your visitors to customers.

ONline Reputation Dashboard

#1 listings management Software

Dominate Search Engines

With Renesent, you can showcase all your social feeds, photos, and customer reviews by creating a custom business profile for each of your locations.


Check your online performance

Renesent’s free Scan Your Business tool, gives you an overview report of your online performance. In addition it allows you to view your listings, ratings, and reviews across 300+ sites. This allows you to monitor your performance against your competition.

Finally, with Renesent, your online presence is continuously scanned and automatically updated in real-time.

Over 5,000 businesses form startups to enterprises use renesent for business growth.

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