Build your legal business, through expanding your client base

87% of prospective clients consult online reviews as the first step to find a lawyer. Furthermore, 75% would commute to hire a lawyer with 4-star or higher reviews and ratings. Accordingly, Renesent shows you how to expand your client base in five simple steps.

1. Build your reputation to expand your client base.

Building a strong online reputation is  certainly vital in attracting new clients to your legal firm. Accordingly, building your reputation can be broken into two parts, the first is your internal processes, and the second is external processes. In other words, the first step is to internalize the following guidelines and highlight them in all your online communications.

  1. Be transparent in your dealings and share your overall win percentage.
  2. In addition, highlight your areas of specialization.
  3. Last but not least, set clear expectations with your clients.

The second part of the reputation puzzle is to convert your client experiences into referrals and reviews on case closure. Renesent sends your clients review requests by SMS and MMS for sites like Google, Facebook, and and updates these sites with the reviews. Hence, building your reputation = building your review base.

2. Delete negative reviews

With Renesent, you can see your reviews across 150+ websites in real-time, on one dashboard. Hence, this allows you to address any negative review instantly and to convert the negative review to a positive one. Additionally, Renesent flags and deletes fake negative reviews posted by unethical competitors. Thus, you get a higher overall rating, and this attracts new clients.

ONline Reputation Dashboard

3. Invest in SEO to expand your client base.  

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of increasing traffic to your website. Search engines like Google and Bing scan each website and then rank them based on well-defined guidelines. Therefore to achieve SEO optimization and to rank high on the first page of results, Renesent’s SEO module focuses on the following areas.

  1. We optimize your website and content for better visibility.
  2. We ensure adequate internal and external links and rich original content.
  3. Renesent manages your online reviews and ratings.

SEO optimization ranks you higher on searches, attracts more visitors, and therefore expands your client base.

4. Use social media to build awareness and build your client base.

Renesent automatically shares your company reviews to your  website, blogs, Facebook and Twitter pages. Stand out on Google with star ratings from online reviews.


5. Use outsourcing to expand your online reach. 

As your business grows, look at the option of outsourcing routine tasks like data entry, billing, and customer support. Because not only is outsourcing a cheaper alternative, but it also allows you to focus on your clients and cases.

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ONline Reputation Dashboard

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