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Get more reviews, Boost your ratings, Increase your occupancy,
With Renesent's hospitality review management.

Great customer experience is the cornerstone of a successful hospitality company. Cleanliness and comfort of the room and efficient and friendly service are hygiene factors. Over 80% of guests read online reviews on sites like Google, Facebook, and Trip Advisor before choosing a hotel. Renesent’s hospitality review management delivers both the quantity and quality of current reviews that keep your occupancy rates high. 

With our hospitality review management get guest reviews before they check out.

Gather new reviews from your guests via computerized SMS and MMS review requests to their mobile devices, before check out. Renesent directs your guests to crucial sites like Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, and, where they share feedback for your next customer to read. 

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Give every guest a 5-star visit

On average, your guests will talk to 10 friends about a positive experience and 15 friends for a negative experience. With Renesent, you can Monitor your reviews from 160+ sites on one dashboard or the app on your phone. Besides this, you will receive SMS and email alerts the instant a guest leaves feedback. Thereby allowing you to respond in real-time, and enabling you to address any issue before it becomes a problem.  

Hospitality review management allows you to boost your occupancy with social listening.

Renesent’s social listening tools enable you to engage with and respond to your customers’ reviews on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in real-time. Thereby allowing you to address issues before they become a problem, this ensures more positive reviews while minimizing negative reviews.

Market memorable guest experiences

Use feedback to convert customers into your brand advocates! You can publish the reviews automatically on the website, review, and social platforms of your choice. Thus allowing you to stand out on Google with five-star ratings for your business, and also ranking high in search results.

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Improve operations with guest intel

Renesent converts the raw data from guest feedback into straightforward actionable insights that will help in improving your operations and hence further reviews. Our AI-driven software helps in identifying the root cause of negative reviews so that you can take appropriate action, thereby allowing you to upgrade your operations. Hence you can reinforce positive guest experiences. Besides, we also provide you access to your competitors’ public reviews, thereby allowing you to benchmark your performance that of your competition. You can benchmark the performance based on the criteria that you define. 

Turn social media into a customer support hub

Read, review, and respond to every guest comment on social media. Close the loop on guest feedback by converting reviews and social comments into support tickets. Assign these tickets to relevant employees and track issue resolution to make sure every concern is addressed.

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