Renesent hiring automation 

Renesent’s hiring automation allows companies to speed up the recruiting process while lowering the cost per hire. Understaffed and overworked recruitment departments often find themselves behind the 8 ball. Therefore, using hiring automation is almost a necessity today. Over 75% of recruiters say that technology will play a part in their recruitment this year.

Hiring Automation

Use hiring automation to find top candidates

Hiring automation allows you to scan through hundreds of applications to shortlist candidates. Shortlisted candidates have the required qualification and experience based on the keywords that you specify. Thereupon our mobile-friendly chatbot allows you to quickly connect with the candidates.

24/7 Support with hiring automation

Besides, the chat tool gives candidates 24×7 access to a FAQ database for routine questions. In addition, certain trigger words will automatically route the question to the right manager. Finally, talent acquisition teams can easily set-up a follow-up appointment with the candidates.

Filter candidates to get the best talent

As soon as you specify the keywords for a position, Renesent’s hiring software scans thousands of resumes and social profiles on platforms like Linkedin, Indeed, and AngiesList. Hence collecting a shortlist of top talent becomes as simple as 1-2-3. Now that you have a list of candidates the program you can go ahead and schedule the interviews.

On-board talent easily giving them a head start

Recruited candidates are automatically sent an email containing job details, reading material, and their induction schedule. Hence, Renesent helps in distributing information that will help the new hire to fit in comfortably to their new position.

Follow up with candidates to ensure open door policy for future opportunities

Renesent maintains a database of all the shortlisted candidates. Besides, Renesent regularly engages with these candidates with company news and current openings.

Single dashboard and performance tracker

Finally, manage all conversations with candidates on a single dashboard in real-time. Besides, you will receive alerts across all platforms on a single dashboard. 

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