Renesent hiring automation 

Automate your Human Resources automatically recruit the right workforce

Hiring Automation

Engage with top candidates throughout multiple platforms

Skim through the right candidates by creating an echo system that transforms your hiring and elevating approach to another realm. Renesent customized mobile friendly chatbot engages recruits across all hiring platforms globally. Deliver faster conversions and stress free capabilities for greater quality of candidates combined with extra convenience and accessibility.

24/7 Support So You Never Miss Out On The Right Candidate

Renesent chatbot provides around the clock solution to automatically respond to pre-qualification questions from a FAQ database engine providing more flexibility to management team to focus on the big issues of the day. Certain triggers will alert the right manager to the right talent to set-up a follow up appointment.

Filter candidates, get the right talent that fits

Renesent engineered algorithms scans resumes CVs and social profiles such as Linkedin, AngeList and many more finding relatable keywords that fits the specific position scheduling a face to face with the right person without waiting any time! 

On-board talent easily giving them a head start

Once confirmed hires, new recruits will receive emails containing position reading material on job details, process, and training courses to avoid any delays with new hires ready to go from day one increasing the success rates! Renesent helps publish and distribute data and content to help recruit fit in comfortably to their new position. 

Follow up with candidates to endure open door policy for future opportunities

Renesent automatically engages with database of candidates on a consistent basis with news and upcoming opening to keep the conversation going with candidates giving them a second chance.

Single dashboard and performance tracker

Always manage enhancements with candidates on a single dashboard that allows real-time alerts across all platforms at an easy glance and user friendly tools.

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