Health Cloud

Allow Renesent to take patient care to the next level through its health cloud. After all, over 83% of healthcare providers use cloud technology to offer integrated and efficient patient care. 

Use the world's emphatically #1 health cloud platform to gain a 360-degree view of every patient, member, and customer.

Health Cloud for Providers

Take care of the person behind the patient.
Deliver the experience that patients deserve.
At Renesent, we’ve specifically made it easy to engage with patients on any device, and hence collaborate across the entire healthcare network. Besides connecting the patients with their doctors, in addition, we also connect with service agents and family members. Finally, we connect EHR data, treatment plans, and patient preferences, thereby delivering a truly personalized experience.
In addition, we connect all points of the customer lifecycle on one unified platform, thereby delivering a seamless experience.
Renesent’s cloud platform provides complete business flexibility in order to deal with evolving business models and price competition. Health Cloud connects every part of your business on a single platform. As a result, all business verticals including clinical operations, manufacturing, supply chain, service, and sales and marketing, are unified on one platform. Hence, allowing you to deliver your breakthroughs to your patients, partners, and providers in real-time.

Health Cloud for Payers

As a result of Renesent’s seamless integration across devices, you can stay engaged with members through their healthcare journey and thereby deliver a personalized experience.
In addition, the Renesent cloud platform enables insurance companies to build plans customized to the consumer’s needs. Hence, this lays the foundation for building a long-term relationship based on trust. Besides, Renesent also enhances personalized patient care through streamlining the authorization process.
Besides building trust with every member, Renesent’s cloud platform also provides integration of your business processes. 
Finally, Renesent provides a seamless experience across the entire healthcare journey, thereby enhancing consumer experience. Starting with acquisition and onboarding, and on through to engagement and retention. With Renesent, you can deliver personalized service that builds relationships for life.


Enable faster innovation and drive better outcomes.

Besides, the Renesent cloud allows you to streamline your entire business by connecting people, data, and processes. In addition, you can integrate all business verticals from R&D through commercial operations and patient support.


Develop patient-centric innovations & services faster.

Renesent also provides a single, secure platform for sharing critical data between patients, R&D teams, field researchers, and partners through every point of the customer lifecycle.