Health Cloud

Take patient relationships to new heights with Health Cloud.

Gain a 360-degree view of every patient, member, and customer with the world’s #1 patient relationship platform.


Take care of the person behind the patient.
Deliver the experience that patients deserve.
We’ve made it easy to engage patients on any device and collaborate across the entire healthcare network, from care coordinators to service agents and family members. By connecting EHR data, treatment plans, patient preferences, and more, you can deliver truly personalized experiences on the journey to better outcomes.
Connect all points of the customer lifecycle on one unified platform.
In the era of digital devices, evolving business models, and price competition business flexibility is key. Health Cloud connects every part of your ecosystem — from clinical operations, to manufacturing, supply chain, marketing, sales, service, and more — to help deliver your breakthroughs to patients, partners, and providers.


Engage members throughout their healthcare journey.
To attract and retain business in today’s digital landscape, leading insurance plans must build trusted and lasting relationships with members. Discover how to personalize care, streamline authorization requests with utilization management, and promote collaboration to achieve the best member outcomes.
Build trust with every member.
Health Cloud enables a seamless experience across the entire member journey, from acquisition and onboarding, through engagement and retention. Deliver the kind of personalized service that builds member relationships for life.


Enable faster innovation and drive better outcomes.

Streamline your entire business by connecting people, data, and processes — from R&D through commercial operations and patient support.


Develop patient-centric innovations & services faster.

Health Cloud provides a single, secure platform for sharing critical data between patients, R&D teams, field researchers, partners, and more, at every point of the customer lifecycle.