Renew Your Reviews

Publié par John Daniel le

Constructive criticism, we all come to know in life, is generally a good thing. It allows us to reflect, acknowledge, and grow from our mistakes. As a business owner, it’s how you remain cohesive with your consumers’ likes and dislikes. This was the original purpose of large business-rating platforms such as Google and Yelp.


Some criticism, however, is not constructive or even accurate for that matter, and when it's posted all over the internet, it can be detrimental to a business’s reputation. Renesent is all too familiar with this vicious situation and we take it personally. 


For this reason we worked for months to build a defense line by developing an algorithm that could actually delete negative reviews and restore a company’s online reputation. The algorithm works with GEO-Tracking technology to follow FTC guidelines and pin-point profiles as well as posts that do not coincide with said guidelines. 


One common consumer question we face is “If a profile or post doesn’t follow FTC guidelines, then how can it get on a platform to begin with?” The unfortunate truth is that reviewer profiles are what make these platforms so popular and profitable, so in order to maintain their user traffic, platforms like Google and Yelp overlook these inconsistencies allowing whoever to post just about whatever they want about your business whether it’s accurate or not. 


Renesent pulls these inconsistencies out of their hiding places and forces these platforms to remove them in accordance with FTC guidelines. Because the reviewer violates regulation, not only is their post deleted, but their entire profile as well. 

Once our algorithm works to delete your negative reviews and return you to a 4+ star reputation, it doesn’t stop there. Our 24/7 reputation automation safeguards you businesses profile on these platforms so that only appropriate and approved reviews may be posted. 


Although Google and Yelp are two of the largest review platforms we defend reputation on, they are not the only ones. That being said, monitoring your business’s ratings, reviews and overall reputation on not just two, but several platforms can be extremely time consuming and a bit confusing for the less tech savvy. To resolve this, our developers designed an all-in-one dashboard that provides access to view every platform on which you have a presence. Now you can monitor your business reputation growth in real time. 


As a growing business itself, Renesent knows the importance of reputation as well as time management and designed this dashboard and algorithm to give business owners the best reputation management available.