Methods to Prepare Your Online Business for the Holidays

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The busiest time of the year to shop online is just around the corner, and your online foundation needs to be strong to compensate for the hefty amount of new customers you’ll receive. This year more than ever consumers are shopping for all of their gifts online and wanting them on time for the holidays, so here are some quick tips on how to stay ahead of the game this season.

One of the biggest issues in completing product orders right now is fulfillment. Companies all over are experiencing empty shelves and shortages, and we can’t do much to control it. Finding a B2B E-Commerce platform to post and ship these products is your best option at being able to get your products to your customers on time. You have options to post these products and use a fulfillment method that can increase your SEO, your customer outreach and completed on-time orders.

Once you have this foundation of how you will carry out your orders, using free and paid holiday marketing is a great way to get your product or service to anyone looking to order from you online. Free advertising comes from using meta-tags and keywords that pertain to your products, services, deals and locations you service or send products to. That will allow the maximum number of prospects to see your products and give you an advantage. Paid advertising is great on social platforms as it gets seen by thousands of people with a smaller investment. Know your audience and use this valuable tool to grab their attention.

Stock up on inventory, as this will give you an advantage as to how much revenue you can generate while you’re advertising your product. Again, knowing your audience will allow you to advertise to the right prospects and give you the greatest amount of hot leads in order to get rid of this inventory. It’s better to have some inventory leftover from your holiday marketing time frame rather than miss a chance at generating more cash flow to invest back into operations costs.

Have a steady and reliable way to handle your customer service tickets. When completing this many holiday orders you’ll get some feedback, good and bad, about your product. Naturally with more orders you’ll receive more inquiries, so make sure you’re not stuck at a computer handling it all yourself and utilize an AI Assistant that will handle all of your tickets and calls. Customer support time responses will be decreased significantly and a good reputation will start to arise as you become seemingly more reliable and trustworthy to all of your past, current and future customers.

Make sure your website is perfect. When visiting a site for the first time, consumers will gauge if they want to continue looking on that site or not just by the first few seconds of visiting. If you are not able to capture potential prospects with your website, you could potentially lose out on a great deal of profit. A few things to note and double check include making sure all of your tabs go to the correct landing pages, colors are synced, logo is clear and your content is precise and perfected before allowing people to view your website to purchase products. There are other extremely important details you should look into such as the theme of your website, word count, and other content related aspects that could either make or break someone’s decision on whether or not this is a site they should spend their time and money on.

Being prepared for holiday marketing is one of the best things you can do for a growing business. Using an AI Assistant and an easier fulfillment method will prepare you to handle all other aspects of the rush season. Individuals all over are searching online for cheap but great quality products and if you know your audience well enough and advertise to the right range of individuals, you will be able to successfully gain new prospects and inevitably a greater revenue flow.