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Connect with local buyers, retailers, and department stores- facilitating deals and fulfill orders same day



Facilitate deals

Trade assurance

On demand Delivery

For Buyers

Get amazing deals for leftover, overstocked products and get it delivered within minutes

  • Amazing deals from local suppliers
  • Communicate with sellers easily
  • Secured payments 100% guaranteed
  • Buyer mediation & negotiation assistance
  • Buy internationally with local addresses
  • Subscriptions and bulk discounts

For Sellers

Sell anything new or left over from your home or store we deliver your customers same-day

  • Provide your customers simple buying experience
  • Access global micro-fulfillment centers
  • Background checked drivers and staff
  • Delivery locations along with pick, pack and ship
  • Deliver your customers same-day
  • Inventory management & analytics dashboard

The trading platform that connects suppliers and buyers globally

01 Customized online store

Register in seconds and customize your store with unlimited product uploads while finding the right buyer for your products

02 Marketing & lead assistance

Get complete support to generate organic leads from prospective customers via social media, SEO, ads, and email marketing tools

03 Order fulfillment

With our micro-fulfillment centers are present in every location in US & EU your supplies can reach your customers the same day

04 Safe payments

Our trade policy helps suppliers and manufacturers have a safe and secured transaction with weekly payouts transferred directly to your bank account

Say hello to your trading partners

We empower our clients to optimize empty spaces as micro- fulfillment businesses to increase cashflows and help trade with like-minded companies and fulfill our global supplier's orders with our solution

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We pride ourselves on always promoting top sellers with the latest collections. We make sure suppliers will increase their visibility and reach out to a global network of verified buyers.

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