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A CRM platform is a technology used by companies to manage communication with their customers. Because companies connect with their customers across different platforms like the company website, social media, and review platforms, CRM allows them to view and manage interactions from one platform. The data collected from these interactions helps the company to improve relations with its customer. Besides, the feedback received from the customer is also used to design marketing strategies that will raise levels of customer satisfaction.

Explore RENESENT's #1 Customer relationship management platform

For a start, upgrade to the #1 customer relationship management platform and discover the positive impact on your business. Not only will America’s # 1 CRM help you link all your customer operations on one platform, but also upgrade your customer intelligence. Because Renesent’s CRM is a solid tool for your sales team to create leads, hence, when you combine the CRM with tools like RENESENT Cloud, you get a powerful engine to drive your sales. Thereby helping you to increase productivity and score more wins without any speed limits. In addition to automating billing, subscriptions, and revenue recognition, make your quotes, proposals, and contracts more accurate.

Discover the applications of the #1 Customer Relationship Management Platform

Data Management

Meanwhile capture, unify, and activate your data to create valuable customer experiences.


Secondly, build better customer experiences & crush conversion rates with RENESENT Commerce Cloud. Hence, beating your competition.

B2C Commerce

Thirdly, convert shoppers anytime, anywhere, on any device. Besides, create engaging, personalized shopping experiences anywhere.


Finally, build customized apps connected to RENESENT, and get your apps to plug quickly, with cloud services and offer developer experience.


With Renesent CRM discover how you can add to your customer support and build customer experience. Because our software offers flexible service solutions, hence you can anticipate your customer’s needs. Besides our CRM helps your sales team to achieve their targets, all because you have Renesent in your corner. In addition, our AL automation and predictive scoring help them in achieving their goals. Finally, Renesent’s CRM brings your business together in order to deliver the best possible service to your customer’s, even while your sales staff is in the field.

Discover how Renesent’s CRM can help in creating marketing and communication strategies tailored to your customer’s needs. Thereby allowing you to communicate one on one with your customer. Besides, with our insight tool, you can break down the customer feedback into what the customer wants. Thus enabling you to deliver personalized communication to each customer. Finally, you can complete the customer journey while using RENESENT’s Marketing Cloud, the most powerful platform for digital marketing.

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Platform & App Development

Reach new level in development with world’s #1 CRM platform.Automate, and mobilize any business process using third-party apps or custom apps designed specially according to your needs. Not hard part logic, even you can create social and mobile apps using lightning-fast tools with just some codes and easy clicks.


You can connect any type of app, data, or device, whether on the cloud or on-premises, in one place and convey data from any system, like SAP, Oracle, Workday, and more, directly into RENESENT.


Make decisions based on our statistics who have everything planned for you, let them show you the way to guide your business forward using Artificial intelligence.AL has simplified the entire analytics workflow, taking you from data to insight to action in minutes.

Financial Services

Discover solutions designed specially to satisfy the requirements of your specific industry, strengthen every line of labor with RENESENT specially redesigned for financial services to satisfy all their needs and standing .

Boost your Productivity with our CRM-powered experiences.

Directly use templates to quickly launch pre-built use-case-specific solutions for your customers and partners. Even Embed collaborative documents, spreadsheets, live apps, and slides that automatically updates so you never have to worry that it’s out of date.

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