Innovate your corporation

Through various levels of partnership, we provide corporate partners with exposure to our network and access to qualified and strategically aligned early-and-growth stage startups. Corporate partners are a fundamental part of our innovation platform.

What's Our Goal?

Our goal is to contribute technological advancement by bringing together the world’s largest corporations to power the growth of the startups to help them make an impact. By joining the Renesent network, you will receive decision-making power over the accelerator programs.

Practice makes perfect

Our startups can support you to advance
Building a good innovation strategy is difficult. We will make it easy by helping you connect to the startups that can directly help your business with suitable technology.
We identify the business challenges of our corporate partners from specific business units and match these directly to startups with the right resources.

We promote culture change.

We help our corporate partners build an innovation culture by functioning directly with the C-Suite. This creates more engagement and better sales results.
Our corporate partners build their cultural change through our Renesent Programme, selection days, meetups, training and mentor sessions.

Lets lower the barrier and advance further.

Renesent connects corporate partners with their peers to meet industry-wide challenges together. We provide you an opportunity to develop your technology even more.

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