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    Uni-Solar SHR-17 UL LISTED 17W Solar Panel Roofing Shingle - 9V Bottom Wires

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    Uni-Solar SHR-17 17W Solar Roofing Shingle - Flexible Amorphous - New The Uni-Solar SHR-17 17W Solar Roofing Shingle is a new solar shingle designed in 2007.  At it's design it recieved multiple awards including "The Grand Award in Best of What's New in Environmental Technology" and Discover Magazine's Technical Innovation Award for Best Innovation

    \nThese are sold by the shingle and each shingle produces 17 watts of power (9 Volts at 1.9 Amps).  They were designed and textured to replace asphalt shingles as a roofing material.  Each shingle is 12 inches wide by 86.5 inches long and the 18 gauge positive and negative wires extend from the bottom of the panel.  This product consists of 12 solar cells connected within each roll.  Each of the 12 cells is 5 by 7 inches in size and produces approximately 1.4 watts (1.4 watts x 12 cells). When 2 panels are connected in series they will product 18 Volts at 3.8 amps (34 watts).  Once set, the sun's heat molds the panel adhesive together forming a weather-resistant seal.  They are designed to be an economical roofing alternative, as well as, a reliable power source. \n \nDue to the panel flexibility they can be used for many different applications, such as: 12 Volt Battery chargers, sheds, guest houses, off grid projects and other outdoor electrical needs. \n \nThese solar roofing shingle panels are New Original Stock.

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