Business Valuation & Analysis

Business Valuation & Analysis


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    Why a business valuation analysis is important to your company's value


    All business owners need to consider a business valuation, ideally updated annually. A current business valuation is important for your company’s financial health as it can:

    • Give you an accurate picture of what your company is really worth — and how transferable that value can be — this provides a realistic picture of your company’s value should you decide to sell. It also provides a window into your ability to grow the business and how much money a bank would be willing to lend to support that growth.
    • Help you to plan for a faster sale — proper planning delivers more lucrative and successful sales of small businesses, as it gives a business owner time to increase the company’s worth before the sale and to sell quickly.
    • Protect your family if something happens to you. writes that illness is the number one event that forces business owners to sell. A business valuation analysis can identify ways to create a more transferrable business in the event of illness or death.

    Overall, a business valuation professional can provide you with an exact value of your company and help you develop a long-term plan to increase its value. Valuation strategies can help you increase profitability by helping you:

    • Identify prospective opportunities for sales growth
    • Implement cost-cutting strategies that maximize profits
    • Increase employee retention and save money on hiring and training
    • Develop systems and processes to increase the odds of a successful transition to the new owners, whoever they may be

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