Laser Tattoo Removal

Laser Tattoo Removal


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    Tattoo removal with lasers works by breaking up the ink pigmentation in the skin over the course of time. Traditional methods required many treatment sessions for noticeable results. With Fotona’s QX MAX®, patients can enjoy fewer treatments, therefore lowering their overall cost of tattoo removal through their dermatologist. Weaker lasers that are not nearly as effective may require patients to have ten or more sessions done to effectively break up the tattoo ink pigmentation, while this particular method requires much less. Depending on the color of the ink and the quality of the tattoo, many patients can use the QX MAX® for relatively fast tattoo removal without the side effects or risks. Dr. Christine Lee works with patients to help them finance their treatment plans to ensure their investment in themselves and their appearance are affordable and attainable.

    Dr. Christine Lee is happy to provide laser tattoo removal along with many other laser therapies through her practice. She offers the most state-of-the-art solutions than any other dermatologist in the area and is committed to finding the most efficient, effective services for her patients. She also works with insurance companies to help provide coverage from health insurance plans when available to lessen the out-of-pocket expense for many medical treatments. It is not common, however, for laser tattoo removal to be covered by insurance plans, though our office will work with patients to arrange a financial payment plan that fits the budget of patients and makes treatment a reality.

    If you are located in the East Bay area and are considering a board certified dermatologist for your skin and body needs, contact Dr. Christine Lee today. Schedule your first consultation appointment with our team today to learn more about the Fotona QX MAX® laser treatment for tattoo removal.

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