Thornburg Gourmet Preserves - Peach With Brandy And Ceylon Cinnamon


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    Our Peach Preserves are slow-cooked with a splash of brandy and a dash of cinnamon, giving the peaches an extra depth of flavor. This combination is the perfect blend of sweet and spice. The blend of these flavors takes you from the warm days of late summer, right into the spice of a cozy fall day.  

    A truly versatile preserve, enjoy it as a traditional morning spread or as a dessert topping in the evening. Use as a glaze for pork or salmon.



    At Thornburg and Company, we always use simple ingredients, we always start with whole fruit (not fruit juice!!) as our number one ingredient. Our preserves are handmade without adding any type of commercial pectin, we only use the pectin that is found naturally in the fruits that we select. You can also feel better knowing that everything on our label is a real food item. All of our products are prepared in our own state-licensed commercial kitchen so there is no possibility of any cross-contamination or exposure to any of the eight major food allergens. Gluten-free and Vegan-friendly. 


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