Cloud Manufacturing

Cloud computing is upgrading every aspect of modern manufacturing. It allows you to increase efficiency while reducing costs across your supply chain. Besides, it also helps in reducing the to-market-time for new products. Cloud manufacturing allows you to make your operations more efficient, agile, and innovative.

cloud manufacturing


Renesent’s cloud computing allows you to integrate all parts of your supply chain. You can view planned volumes and revenues next to actuals and even define your custom, time-phased standards for a complete view of the customer relationship.

Discover insights across your entire business.

With Account-Based Forecasting, you can project future demand based on current sell-through data by using the Renesent insights. Hence forecasting and planning become more efficient. Besides, it also allows your sales, operations, and product teams to collaborate on a central platform. 

Leverage the power of Renesent's CRM designed for manufacturing

Give your account teams a 360-degree view of every customer. The Renesent dashboard gives your teams real-time visibility into key sales, manufacturing, and service activities. Besides, they will have access to a single platform where they can share information and collaborate. They will also have access to current and future workflows, as well as AI-driven insights. Hence, allowing them to service each customer more efficiently.


Create more accurate forecasts with a unified view.

You can develop an accurate forecast by integrating your planning, sales, finance, and operations teams on one platform. Besides, since no two businesses are alike Renesent allows you to define your own forecast algorithm, and we will integrate this into your CRM. The formula builder function in the CRM allows you to change and modify the algorithm as and when required.


Accelerate planning with transparent, digital collaboration.

By adding Community Cloud to your CRM you can extend the benefits of cloud manufacturing up-stream to your customers and channel partners as well as downstream to your vendors. Hence, by getting everyone on the same platform, you can eliminate delays and improve the accuracy of your forecasts.


Ensure a real-time, accurate view of account activity.

The ERP connectors and templates in the MuleSoft Anypoint Platform make it easy to capture order information from your ERP or order management systems. You can reduce integration complexity while unifying your back office.

The Complete CRM For Manufacturing

Extend the value of Sales & Service Cloud for a unified view customer activity.

By proactively managing your customer needs, you can drive your business growth. Your sales teams become more efficient with access to real-time visibility into the sales process, key account activity, and service issues.

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