Cloud computing for Consumer Goods.

The consumer goods and services (CG&S) industry is a highly competitive market. Hence CG&S companies are constantly looking at ways to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience while reducing costs. Although, that may sound like a contradiction, thanks to cloud computing, it isn’t one. Because the fact remains that cloud computing for consumer goods can help you enhance customer experience while making your supply chain more efficient.

cloud computing for consumer goods

The Four Pillars of Cloud Computing for Consumer Goods.

1. Cloud Computing for Consumer Goods – Sales and Marketing

  • Firstly cloud computing allows you to receive in-store data in real-time from your sales reps.
  • In addition it improves your product visibility through cloud-enabled product placement.
  • Get an omnichannel and seamless consumer experience.
  • Finally, cloud-computing increases customer engagement with advanced cloud SaaS solutions.

2. Product Development and Process Innovation

  • For a start, cloud-based management can directly connect your customers with your employees. Hence, allowing you to gain valuable customer insights.
  • Meanwhile it also increases your to market speed for new products, while lowering the costs of product development.
  • Besides the cloud platform helps you close the customer feedback to a new product development loop.

3. Forecasting and Planning

  • Given that cloud computing gives access to real-time sales data, hence you can identify the product variants that best match customer needs.
  • In addition, the automation of order refills, allows you to avoid costly stock-outs.
  • Finally, your forecasting and production planning is linked to in-store sales data, thereby avoiding a pile up of stock at the manufacturing facility.

4. Manufacturing and Supply Chain

  • In-store data on your cloud platform helps in identifying gaps in your supply chain. Hence, you can take corrective action in real-time.
  • Real-time sell-through data allows you to plan and adjust your production in real-time.
  • Mobile solutions allow your sales reps in the store to stay connected with your production staff, thereby closing the demand-supply loop.


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