Work smarter with artificial intelligence that’s built right into Renesent.

Companies use artificial intelligence to automate business processes, secondly, it helps in data analysis. Lastly, it is used for engaging with customers and employees.

Above all, Use artificial intelligence to Find opportunities hidden in your business data.

All companies collect tons of data. With Renesent artificial intelligence, you can unlock the power of this data. The Renesent AI will help analyze your data and convert it into insights and new business opportunities.

Secondly use artificial intelligence to understand your customers in a whole new way.

Your company communicates with its customers across many platforms. Hence you must know the channels that the customers are using as well as the messages that connect with them. Finally, you need to analyze customer feedback in order to improve customer experience. Hence, Renest AI is your one-stop solution


Finally embed artificial intelligence powered assistance  where it’s needed.

Companies are using artificial intelligence to run sentiment analysis on their employees. Hence, the company gets an insight into the general mood of employees, as well as their satisfaction levels. Because a happy employee is a productive employee. Besides, sentiment analysis is also used to measure their relationships within their teams and with their managers. Hence, AI allows you to measure and flag the smallest challenges your employees are facing in the workplace.

Use any data to anticipate the unexpected.

Know more and guess less with Artificial intelligence.

For instance, foresee which sales leads and opportunities will convert into a sale. Also, analyze which type of articles and replies will help resolve service cases, and finally, how the marketing emails will perform before you hit send.

Impress every customer with a personalized experience.

Start by firstly using historical browsing and buy data to predict which channels, content, products, and messaging appeal to your customer. Besides, gain the insight to predict how and when your customer will respond.


Anticipate customer actions based on their behaviors.

For instance, you can easily create custom models to predict customer churn. Hence you can reduce the risk of losing a valuable customer. Finally, you can measure the likelihood of converting browsers to customers.

Deliver the right recommendations to employees and customers

Ensure that employees always know what to do next.

Given that employee efficiency directly affects your bottom line, hence you can use deliver messages that will increase their motivation levels. In addition, you can give suggestions that help in cross- and upselling. Hence you can improve the companies bottom line and increase employee commissions. A win-win situation for all.


Point your customers in the right direction.

That is to say, connect with your customers and offer them proper information, relevant products, and customized offers. Since you have a record of their past intents, interests, and past behaviors on hand, you have a higher chance of making the sale.


Easily build next-step strategies with clicks, not code.

To begin with, start by inserting simple and repeatable steps anywhere within Renesent. Create these steps using your business rules and what’s more, create them within Renesent or you can create them externally and then insert them.

Keep all your business processes running smoothly.

Take the manual part out of manual data entry.

Automatically capture and log critical customer data – including contact info, email threads, calendar events, social data, and more – right into the associated Renesent records.

Resolve support cases faster using AI chatbots.

Resolve issues with less agent intervention. Deliver the on-demand support customers want using AI chatbots with natural language processing and your Renesent data.

Automate workflows using insights from AI.

Keep your business moving forward by deploying AI-powered business processes and workflows based on AI predictions and recommendations

Work smarter with artificial intelligence

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